BabyGirl (No Le Di Gus)

from by The BraneTrust

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Feat. Anthony Hamilton


BabyGirl (No Le Di Gus)

All you had to do is stay and for nothing you would need
For that privilege you pay and the price is never cheap
Now you're forced to turn the page on an old familiar scene
Is it freedom or a cage, maybe something in between
Wondering if he would keep the light but dim the fire
Though drive and independence were the traits that he admired
He offered piece of mind, a kind you don't desire
Instead you would decline knowing time's the only thing that he requires, still…
It never feels as noble as he makes it seem
Even if it's really that a strings attached to everything
For every ring a scar, another feather torn out of your wings
Because being grounded that's not who you are
But what is right is always a debate
And in your heart you know what doesn't bend can only break
But you'll create a space by any method and defend it when it's reckless
Because if home is in your head, it don't matter where you rest it…
And I respect it.

Hook (Anthony Hamilton)
BabyGirl this is for you
BabyGirl this love is for you (2x)

Verse 2
If you go through it life would take a very new direction
Decision to be made coming to an intersection
Dazed at the vision staring back in that reflection
Every single drop of pain was contained in that expression
Lesson wasn't learned, you've been reminded
Of his many indiscretions he tries to hide them
He won't give you dedication but he offers blindness
So will you walk away or stick around and be the victim of his kindness
Because truthfully the truth is inconvenient
At least he cares enough to be deceiving
The fact you know it's better for your health if you concede it
Has you questioning yourself asking is it still a lie if you believe it?
Yes. But all that fear has left you brittle
And all your tears are gone because you left them on the pillow
Now you're all alone, left to make a choice that's never simple
While you're thinking about the future and you're staring out that window just remember.

Hook (Anthony Hamilton)
BabyGirl this is for you
BabyGirl this love is for you
BabyGirl this is for you
Don't ever give up
Things are getting better now


from Soul of Summer Vol. 1, track released September 21, 2016
Written and produced by The BraneTrust
contains interpolation of Baby Girl by Anthony Hamilton
Guitar by Carmelo Smith, Bass by Courtney Gibson Sax by Jorge Wesly
Additional vocals by Zasha Shary and Diana Solis



all rights reserved


The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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