MUMM (Still Summer)

from by The BraneTrust

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Feat. Ozy Reigns


MUMM (Still Summer)

Hook (Ozy Reigns)
I done made up my mind
Move I wanna move.
Why can't you?

Verse 1
Mind heavy I was weighing my decision
Couldn't show it on the surface for that purpose I was driven
All the prayer wasn't hurting but the work is my religion
Somethings missing I can feel it in the rhythm
Think back reminiscing all the dues and the interest
Every right and every wrong all the triumphs and the misses
Every time that I was slipping because I couldn't tell the difference
Something whispered in my ear and I could hear it like…
I felt that winter wind blow
I remember in December fingers numbing from the cold
Whole world looked froze I was waiting on the glow
From a little bit of sun, just enough to melt the snow
On line I was trying to get inside
But the shelter was declined that made it harder by design
But that wouldn't stop the grind and I shouldn't waste the time
When they couldn't make it rain nor shine
I'm making up my mind

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)

Verse 2
Bad forecast from the shore they were bringing forth
I ignored the warning from the chorus I'm a stay the course
Because everything that you absorb you will bring aboard
All I packed is peace of mind and losing that I can't afford
But I believe a fine wine never spoils
And I was told a watched pot never boils
So when you're anxious, patiently you must approach
It's torture while you're waiting but it's ready when you need it most
And I could feel it in the breeze
Saw the trees being painted with a different shade of green
Same place old seeds, new arrival every spring
But I wondered how when everything was falling like the leaves
I felt the sun on my face when I was waking up
Knowing I would never break if I could take enough
Frustrated with the time I was taking up
But never got resigned it's my mind that I was making up

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)

Verse 3
Rainfall grass getting long, we were getting strong
As the days were going by a couple folks were hanging on
Waiting for the fair weather it was never long
By the time it came around a couple more had come and gone
Wasn't beauty it's the view that inspired them
What's the beauty of it if you can't provide it then?
And what was not on the horizon was surprising them
None of them could see that it was us that it was hiding in
And it would never be the same
Autumn fell into the winter we were ready for a change
Spring brought showers so we washed away the pain
And we never missed the sun it was shining in our veins
It gave me strength enough for music when I wasn't fine
And gave me energy to use it when it wasn't mine
And I ain't lying it was hard every time
But it'd be harder if I couldn't make it rhyme
I'm making up my mind

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)


from Soul of Summer Vol. 1, track released September 21, 2016
Written and produced by The BraneTrust.
Scratches by Brice Lampkin



all rights reserved


The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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