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Feat. Ida Divine



Verse 1
It happened out the blue, lady whispered in my ear
Speak of ghosts and watch them reappear imagine meeting you here
Across the line because a month ago you crossed my mind
No surprise you look the same
I figured time would treat you kind
But are you doing fine? Do you ever pause
And recollect on how we met back in our junior fall?
Or possibly that second spring I don't recall
But these days are you happily alone or did you stay involved?
She said she was holding out for someone worthy
But she grew with paranoia once she started nearing thirty
So she briefly got engaged to a man that's undeserving
Now she's married to ambition so it's no longer a hurry
And plus, she said “brothers only want to conquer,
They rarely have a use unless they are a sponsor”
I warned her it's bad karma to expect the worst from everyone
She told me “you should know, you're the person that I learned it from”


Verse 2
Well see a lot has changed, I'm in a better place
I used to play but now I motivate and do whatever it takes
I caught a couple breaks suffered through a few mistakes
Made some moves even burned a bridge or two but anyway….
So did you play it safe, with the career you chose?
And the decisions that you made are you content with those?
Don't mean to pry but I'm excited I suppose
To see the woman that I met is still that girl I used to know
She said she was good to go, then she mentioned
That she read something about me in an article of interest
About someone that passed away and another being sicker
Because she lost some people too, so that struggle was familiar
She said to this day she often “cried the whole night.
But for you I know that music is what feelings sound like
So if you gave me advice I know I would benefit
But if it's not inside a song I doubt you'd probably ever offer it.”


“Are you still in pain, did you struggle hard?
Did it ever really heal or do you hide the scars?
Was it never really strong or simply fell apart?
Tell me did you slowly lose the faith, do you believe in God?”
I told her troubles can be worse than you expect
It happens to the best that makes it harder to accept
But life is difficult I know I need help
And that's why I still pray, even if I'm only talking to myself
I guess I learned it's part of life for us to wrestle demons
But there's a better Wolf inside us if we choose to feed him
“Well there's a power to your words I hope that you believe them.
And since you have the people's ear I pray you don't mislead them.”
I told her knowledge by itself could lead to ruin
But before I planted seeds I accepted that influence
Destiny is not for choosing, I'm here to find the truth
She said “by the time you do, I'm hoping you don't find yourself alone too.”



from Soul of Summer Vol. 1, track released September 21, 2016
Written and produced by The BraneTrust



all rights reserved


The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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