Soul of Summer

from by The BraneTrust

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feat. J. Vito and Pinky Williams


Soul of Summer pt.1

Dedicated everyday trying to keep a flame
Inside but the happiness had burned away
Nothing left but the pain
When I realized it I could barely say your name I was so ashamed
For so long, narrowly avoiding crisis
But holding on, so many sacrifices
Out of love meant for me to honor back
But if I internalize it wrong I would squander that
Thankful for the vision that was sent to me
It's magical the power you can summon from a memory
When it's weighing on your mind then you toil with it
If you want to harness it you gotta bring the joy with it
People are so deceived
They say they value time but they dream of where they'd rather be
I value mine all I think about is legacy
With no fear today is still the youngest I will ever be
And if I do it right I'll never have to make amends
For a step up any ladder that I might ascend
Because back then, a wise man said
Don't blend don’t pretend, make it yours, then you'll make it in
It started with a seed riding to the A
We began an odyssey that you would not complete
But a few of us believed
And in the process we provided motivation that a few would need
And yeah we wanted something more dramatic
But the result would never render it invalid
Dog says it helps him overcome his challenge
For that simple fact alone a taste of bitterness would never stain my palette
And I could never waste a minute if I'm improving
I imagine you approve and it's so soothing
Worn down to the groove but we kept moving
New songs new youngins and a new movie
And I keep it in my heart if it ever gets dark
When I'm sitting in the room and I work alone
Everybody's gone but I'm trying to make it spark
They wonder how I kept it disciplined for so long
Because I remember College Park you would lock me in the house and say I couldn't come out
Until I wrote a song…

Oooh so long We walked that road
We walked that road
And it's one thing I need
for you to know to know
Anytime I wonder how
I can't find which way to go
When I focus on that smile
Then I know then I know
Trying to overcome the days
When I'm moving way too slow
When it works I'm so amazed
Cause I know that's Summer's soul


from Soul of Summer Vol. 1, track released September 21, 2016
Written and produced by The BraneTrust.
Vocals by J. Vito and Pinky Williams
Strings by Roni Seiler, Guitar by Ron B. Smoov, Keys by Denzel Cohen
Sax by Jorge Wesly, Drum programming by Brice Lampkin
Intro/Outro by Catfish Magee



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The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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