Soul Motivation

by The BraneTrust

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The aptly titled Soul Motivation is Lucky's debut solo release and it chronicles his journey from Charlotte to Los Angeles, (where he currently splits his time) as he rediscovered his passion for hip hop. Lucky took a classic approach to the album, not only in the time spent crafting the songs but the packaging as well. Giving maximum value to the consumer the CD includes a 12 page booklet along with images and lyrics for every song. Already garnering fans literally from coast to coast people often remark that Soul Motivation “speaks to them.” Combining equal parts passion and intelligence with a turbulent life story that saw him experience the loss of several loved ones, including the murder of his sister/manager Cherica “Summer” Adams (for whom his label SummerSoul Records is named) Lucky’s music is honest, raw and relatable.


released January 11, 2011

Written by Jeff Lucky
Produced By Brice Lampkin
Co-produced by The BrainTrust



all rights reserved


The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Soul Glo
When I ain’t get one spin on the F.M. after two years
People wondered what the F.M.’s after
But I don’t play games with a F.M. actor, I ain’t mad though
I ain’t even got to say F.M. backwards
Look some say the best get blacklisted
I figured me too, who knew so drastic
But I’m thinking about the future so I get past it
When niggas throw shade I get more resolved not reactive
Rewind regress I won’t have it
I’d rather reload release another classic
Yeah Love Letters response was fantastic
Think of what could happen that record was just practice

I don’t know about them niggas that be flashing
I ain’t seen none of the checks they been cashing
Man that shit so tired we need passion
Cameras and lights keep flashing we need action
But I ain’t hating on the game man
Because everybody needs a gameplan
And you can fake it till you get it
I’m ‘a walk it like I talk it nigga get it how I live it
Let my Soul Glo

Civil unrest prospects dwindling
Time invested but return was diminishing
Flame flickering, records didn’t finish them
All the momentum slowed down like Ritalin
Oh no guess the pressure got crippling
Damn what a pity Queen City they was feeling them
But what’s worse a never was or a has been?
Lucky thinking legacy, how they gonna remember him?
But struggles only make a nigga grind more
Sometimes got to take a step back to move forward
I ain’t worried if I slide more
Because even if I hit “E” you’ll still see me with a shorty that’s to die for
Therefore all eyes is on me
When I cruise through the street so fly and so free
And I stay shining no rocks and no rings
When you see the chest gleam you know what I mean
That’s Soul.


Look at what the paper do, stunting when you come through
Neck full of truck jewels people want to catch a view
Yeah they’re catching vapors too
Because you walked by looking so fly they could get high off the residue
Your currency is large, and I don’t mean the cash
A different kind of green look at how their eyes flash
A different kind of clean fresh with the purple tags
Pulling out the Benz key, that’s a different type of class
You see me walk past, you think I hate your swag
Never that, just some questions that I want to ask
If you spend it when you get it could it ever last?
Do you ever smile behind the windows of that tinted glass?
Happiness is less than half about the math
You reply that you can manage long as money’s multiplying
So I guess we add it different, no need to be divided
You prefer to chase swagger I would rather shine brighter
That’s Soul.

Track Name: Don't Worry
Mind full of anticipation
Up late waiting for the moment impatient
Room spinning, earth started quaking
My chains fell off when the dungeon kept shaking
No pain, no blame too because you’ll choose
Is it freedom or free doom?
No hurry the time is free too
Please just don’t crowd my thoughts, they need room
To breathe air, you prepared that was logical
But everything was there just imagine what was stopping you
The feeling that the unknown was an obstacle
Now the only fear is that the possible is possible
A new dawn, sunshine in my face
New state of mind feeling so calm
Future I embrace with both arms so I’m taking off the brakes
All we got to do is hold on
Why worry?

Why should I worry, tell me
Why should I worry, tell me
Maybe I feel in my..
Maybe I feel in my..

No ifs no maybes
Down for the cause I’m All In lately
No guarantee no safety
Nah, that’s the risk I gotta take, no balls no babies
If scared money never made a dime
But Jesus made water into wine
Then who the hell think I can’t make the game mine?
It’s already done all I had to do was make up my mind
So you know it’s my season
Summer all year because a nigga kept believing
And I could find inspiration when I need it
All I had to do was close both eyes I could see it
They used to hear about me in the rumors
Now they change the dial on the tuner
And no I can’t say I wish it didn’t happen sooner
But the time feels right. Guess you could say I’m a late bloomer
Why worry?


(I had a vision) First I wondered what it means
The second time was clearer, third time was in a dream
I said a prayer, said a prayer because I was so aware
That everyday fairy tales turn to nightmares
Tuck it away deep inside until it disappears
Because I know that kind of fear could never get me here
From now on the outlook is too strong
And waiting on a perfect day would take me too long. I had to get it
First I paid my folks a visit
They said you represent the Queen City don’t forget it
I told them put their hands high but only if they feel it
And now they’re pointing to the sky because everybody’s with it
I made a vow, got to get it how I live now
And maintain when I’m high enough to crash out
Mama told me calm down and she cracked a smile
Baby stars just explode, they don’t fall down, it’s your time
Don’t Worry.

Track Name: All In Pt. 2
Yeah sitting back, soaking it All In
Shit started from a breeze and grew to a strong wind
Everybody dropping their two cents
Pretty soon talk dropped to a whisper they figured I couldn’t hear them
Four years? No telling where he’s been
You figure either I gave up or gave in
Because dreams don’t expire, time kills them
And rappers they retire when niggas don’t feel them
Quite true, equally quite grim
The future looks bleak and them lights are quite dim
So which one applies? I figured that right then
If I didn’t have an answer that blank was filled in
I got too much fire to throw it in
I’m ‘a put all my chips on one spin
And ain’t no fear because whether lose or win
I’ll put it up again
All In

Heads you win but tails you lose
Life’s a Gamble, but you made it X2

Everybody come to Vegas
Take a look around at the desperate faces
Cheering for a player while he rounds the bases
Or praying at a table for a couple of aces
Money on a horse and he almost made it
Too late came short by a couple of paces
Next day heart broke still back at the races
Scared to make their own break preferring to chase it
But I ain’t crossing my fingers and waiting for the flop
I’m ‘a double down it don’t matter on how it shuffles out
We don’t play it the same, you want to an easy route
While you wish I calculate the risk and work it out
Because I’m about my cause and my stand
I’m ‘a go against the odds and change them when I can
I’m taking while you waiting with an outstretched hand
I don’t dream I scheme, I plot I plan
I’m All In

Thinking about a move so you study logistics
Now you getting scared because you’re sweating statistics
Holes in your wings what a shame to witness
A plan shot down when it’s self inflicted
You anticipated all the lies and whispers
Because if it goes south people pounce that instant
Let them talk slick it’s yourself you live with
Man I swear to God I hope you listen
If you’re trying to advance or you’re in it for wealth
Either way you want a real type of legacy left
But if you scared to take a chance, put a bet on yourself
You’re better off to take a full clip, play a game of Russian roulette
Be smart yeah measure your steps But don’t wait
Cold feet will make the memory melt that ain’t funny
Me I lost bigger things ain’t nothing to take from me
When life is on the line I ain’t playing with scared money
All In.


Yeah, yeah yeah say we gon make it X4
Track Name: New Generation
Content lacking, nonsense babbling
Hardhead arrogant, old school disparaging
Who could imagine the product of our passion
Would lead to the foolish excess of ringtone extravagance
We created the fabric and made classics
Monosyllabic they eager to move backwards
Finger snapping they ripping away chapters
We fought battles so now they can own masters
Motherfucking bastards, they ain’t grateful
Style less capable lyrics more hateful
Almighty dollar is the power that they pray too
Everybody playing, to the game they ain’t faithful
They wouldn’t have survived in years past
If you couldn’t pull a rhyme out your ass you couldn’t last
So they’re making cash but they can’t bust
Funny I remember when “they” said the same thing about us
It’s the New

The New generation, yeah it’s the new, the new X4
It’s the New Generation

Situation critical population was cynical
Started out slow but erosion was unpreventable
They’re either hustling dedicatedly criminal
Or busy stacking paper with a conscience apolitical
Value came first we tried to birth it
It was a gift and a curse they missed the purpose
We tried to get them to understand what their worth is
It wasn’t supposed to be motivation to worship
Things in time they got consumed with greed
Then their wants got confused with needs
My God to get free we had to hang from trees
Now rich is the only thing they’re dying to be
We believed in something you couldn’t touch like trust
They lack so instead they acquire stuff
They can stack it but it still ain’t much
Funny I remember when “they” said the same thing about us
It’s the New


Trapped in a battle my option was incompatible
Couldn’t stay pure with the lure of pursuing capital
Labeled as a disgrace by prior radicals
All with no regard for the stimulus I reacted to
Searching for a truth I couldn’t find
Rakim Paid in Full I listened to every rhyme
Huey P, Bobby Seale I wanted to seize the time
Conflict with the messages echoing through my mind
Hoping to define identity
I would purchase property and display it upon me
People criticized saying I handled it wrongly
But nobody showed me how a possession could own me
Between elders and youth the rift grew
Old heads said they feared what the future would lead to
It its revolution what y’all gonna do?
I told them I remember when “they” said the same thing about you
I’m the New

Hook X8
Track Name: Custom Gators
Got to be the shoes in my ears the words ringing
I got my eyes glued to the tube for a reason
Daddy need boots man he started working evenings
Me I got to wear my sister’s volleyball sneakers
He’s tired from working, you know I can’t concern him with my needs
But I want them so my wheels started turning
Like if he can work a couple jobs to get me higher learning
The least that I can do to get these shoes is to earn them
I’m about to hit the pavement saving up my wages
Flipping fries, door to door selling oil changes
No matter the arrangement to get more close
To picking up the Air Huaraches or the Uptempos.
Now here they go, fresh out the box Lucky pimping
And I’m feeling like a man because I worked so hard to get them
That night I saw my daddy’s work boots in the kitchen
I tried to put them on and realized I couldn’t fit them damn


Gators, yeah come on gators
Made a couple moves that I didn’t understand
But I put it on the line and I’m a grown ass man now
Gators, yeah come on gators
Life took some turns and I wasn’t with the plan
But I took it all in stride and I’m a grown ass man now

Looking for a new balance on the road I’m embarking
I had a good run Rowdy Raw had it popping
Last couple autumns on the yard I was stomping
I’m focused on the goal(gold) like the boots I was rocking
(Next step) blaze a trail to the money and the stardom
Got my eye on new kicks, Cole Haans Ferragamos
When I cop them they’re gonna represent the way that I’m evolving
Turning network to net worth, at least that’s what I thought
But then I had to reconsider what it meant to make it
I saw my grand daddy’s face when I graduated
That little piece of paper was the final culmination
Of a quarter century of slaving in a mill basement
Then my four years had a different feel then
But he said it’d be about forty more before I could feel him
Well until then. I’ll probably stack a couple million
But grand daddy’s slippers I could probably never fit in them


People keep a mean shoe game I ain’t feeding in
If it takes some gear for your attention I don’t need it then
Old tims broke in, flip flops even them
Comfort is the premium no matter what you see me in
Then I saw my lady by the closet. Why she eyeing it?
Said I need to add to my collection, who’s supplying it?
About to hit the mall I want some J’s if you buying it
She picked up a tiny pair then I finally got the hint
What to get prada mens Gucci loafers?
Oh I know fresh skins, I’m about to place an order
I said I wasn’t gonna sport them until my lady spread the news
Instead she called me crying about a pair of running shoes
She was jogging for her health and stumbled on the laces
Now baby lost a step before he ever got to take it
Through the tears I told my lady don’t worry be patient
When it happens I’ll be ready got a fresh pair waiting
And they’re gators

Track Name: Needles
On a mission so I’m trying to link
Started with an eye wink and I’m eyeing a tall drink
Got her thinking about the possibilities so she wondering
If I’m gonna work it out, baby I’m ‘a work it out
Never been a problem I know I can solve women
Because I like all women, especially tall women
I prefer a veteran not a rooker
But if I got to draft me a looker I’m ‘a pick a six footer like you
With her own style, class but a little hood
Amazon profile thicker than a red wood
Pretty long legs girl I bet it spread good
Thinking about your head game because you got a pretty mouth
I ain’t scared to clean plate, you know what I’m talking about
Opposite of clean face. Why? I’m from the dirty south
It ain’t for everybody baby if you get the mouth
Then you got a bonus because I don’t need it to turn you out
Dirty mind and my thoughts ain’t pure
Now I’m staring at that manicure knowing what I’m ‘a endure later

First thought when I see you
Fingernails digging in my back like needles
Get a funny feeling when I greet you
Fingernails digging in my back like needles
Don’t stop if you think you should
Can’t be bad if it hurts so good
Having flashbacks and I’m thinking about a sequel
Fingernails digging in my back like needles

Black Bruce Jenner, stamina like a winner
Said you might have had a session before but you can’t remember
If it wasn’t past an hour then homey was a pretender
Something like a sprinter, I’m like a nigga from Kenya
Get your stretch on, we’re ready to have a marathon
Old school style fifteen rounds, we get it on
Clash of the titans, lightening with the thunder
Thriller in my villa we’re rumbling in the jungle
And yeah I grabbed your hair but what is the glare for
If I can’t pull that ponytail what the fuck is it there for?
Sweat pouring you sleepy it’s damn near dawn
I ain’t got no sympathy sweetie because you were fair warned
Wonder how I perform like it’s my own porn
It’s the brown liquor it have a nigga in rare form
And you’re regretting the promise you made to make it soft
Because the ride was fun but you’re happy you finally made it off
You said it felt like a dream and drifted off
But I know it was for real because I’m wearing the battle scars on my back


Girl you got a spot that a nigga trying to meet
You said it makes you too hot so I shouldn’t touch it like a space heater
Please try to be discreet it’s hard not to wake people
When you’re hitting notes higher than Seattle’s space needle
But I got to hit that bulls eye to make you climax
They say its hard as hell to stick a needle through that
But I’ve seen the promised land and I know my way back
I’m ‘a find it quicker than a needle in a haystack bet that
Don’t run now, bring it back
I’m ‘a work it like a turntable needle on the wax
Until it’s ten needles digging in the corners of my back
Hit you with a high dose, push your needle to the max until it snaps
What you looking for, why you reaching?
With that glimmer in your eye a little change in your demeanor
Must be feeling dangerous trying to tape the procedure
Put that camera on the speaker let’s make it a double feature
We can watch it for the evening but then we got to delete them
Scratches on my back are the only proof that we’re leaving

Track Name: I'm In There
I’m in there feeling smooth I’m in there in the groove
Because in a suit or in the booth I’m in there making moves
I’m in it to win it too, independent, in control
I don’t need nobody else because I’m in there with SummerSoul
People see me now and say that I’m the next in line to blow
I’m inclined to agree it depends on how the summer goes
I intend to prove and show, until I’m raking in the dough
But really in my heart I’ll be alright as long as Summer knows
SummerSoul coming for the game they tried to keep us out
Knocking doors down I’ll be in there until it’s out of style
That’s gonna probably be a while with everything I get into
They heard I’m multitasking now they asking like an interview
Ever since I left the crib people been inquiring
Music business or the film, which one is he really in?
Look here I’m not innocent both is what I’ve been producing
But I rarely talk about it because I’m in there fucking doing it

It’s SummerSoul from the go, back even when it was slow
So you can bet when it blow
I’m in there, I’m in there
I’m in that spot on the low, on the executive floor
Negotiating that dough.
I’m in there I’m in there
I’m in there making moves, I’m in there breaking food
I’m in the east I’m in the west I’m in the dirty too
Y’all know I come with that glow I put it down at the show
You might have seen me before
I’m in there, I’m in there

Jai Honey
I’m in there feeling fine, I’m in there on the grind
I paid my dues and put in time I’m in there getting mine
I am never in decline, I am in there getting shine
I’m in California in a Carolina state of mind
Listen when they’re mentioning the game they gotta notice me
On the top. I’m in that position because I’m supposed to be
Getting hot, now the people trying to get in close to me
I’m in there for business if you’re not don’t be approaching me
I can take the industry to anywhere I want to go
I can flow or pop up on an episode you never know
I invest in myself limitations I don’t deal with those
But I got advice for anybody that would interlope
They just want to instigate wishing they were in your place
Now they’re standing in the way (fuck a hater in his face)
They are only insecure, angry they can’t innovate
If they ain’t in it for the cause you didn’t need them anyway


I recall back in the day, way down in NC
Rapping on the beat with the talent that people envied
Running with the Indians plotting to be a bigger chief
In the Queen City we hustled to make the ends meet
Ends meet? Yeah they’re meeting but they ain’t in deep
Now I got to leave because I’m trying to see them increase
Ain’t no reason to fight the instinct
Kissed my mama cheek and said I’ll be leaving in one week
(Hey hey) two days I’m on the interstate
Rolling on forty I’m about to break in a major way
Touched down new place I’m reinvigorated
Sunshine all in my face I guess I’m in LA
And I venture into my first show
I was in there going off. Y’all were in there taking notes
I was in a neighborhood, now we’re on another coast
Stamp it in the passport I’m international
I’m in there

Track Name: 1 Way Ticket
Made a couple laps, he made some stacks
He brought it back put that city on the map
(Where you been?) Trying to maintain rocking different hats in the game
Switching lanes but you know I never changed
So the people know I never let them hang
If I ain’t done done it all, best believe I’ve done a little bit of everything
He caught up in the game. She works for minor wage
For every hustle different struggles I can feel your pain
The bills got behind? I know your storyline
It’s written on your face I read it in the worry lines
But don’t you worry girl I promise next time
Your eyes are blurry it’ll be from tears of joy and I ain’t lying
Once upon a time we had the right design
Thriving never just surviving, now we’re out here grinding
Only getting by but no more waiting for a sign
Point your finger to the sky we’re gonna remind them
Come on with me

Ain’t no stopping we don’t need to stay
So step it up come on with me I’m gonna lead the way
And pick up everything we need today
And if my folks go astray we’re gonna take them off the block
And we’re going one way to the top
No no no, can’t stop now

They say we’re half dead, we’re half in prison
We’re barely scrimping happy ghetto half living?
(Hell no) That’s what I figured so I only half listen
We were only have nots who never had enough attention
Probably had it rough, maybe had some breaks miss them
Now we’ve had enough so we’re having intervention
The eyes that were closed up for years about to open up wide
Minds strong from the time they’ve been ignoring us
Concrete dry no more funerals for us
With that liquor pouring down no that’s champagne pour it up
Because it’s a celebration you know what we’re celebrating
Buddy’s back from his incarceration but he’s staying now
He’s got incentive because his daughter’s about to make it out
She’s graduating magna cum laude and you wonder how?
Because she’s resilient, one day she’ll have some children
With that same ghetto blood, but that ain’t where they’ll be living
Come on with me


Coming up the way we do
Bad news and the same hood blues
It ain’t the life we choose
We had one foot in you never walked in our shoes
So you couldn’t understand or really ever know
That flowers make it through the concrete but only when the cracks show
And I recall a young rose about to grow
People figured he was special they could see the way his soul glowed
Coming up listening to war stories in the hood he absorbed them
Believing there was more for him
And when he could he used to close both eyes
And his mind would color outside the neighborhood lines
He saw the picture then so it was no surprise
The day arrived for him to leave he said his last goodbye
They told him always keep the street beneath your feet
But the people make the hood, take them with you when you leave
Come on with me.
Track Name: Soul Motivation
Stress added up but the years I wasn’t counting
Looking for a lesson but it’s lost in the surroundings
Earning admiration but the money ain’t amounting
Meanwhile people wonder why I stopped freestyling
Dying inside dying just to rhyme
And the whole time scared that I was dying on the vine
Cloudy head belly full of wine
Trying to bring out the dead but the funeral was mine
A slow death, poor intuition
Tried to argue with myself neither one of us would listen
I took a step now I’m stuck in one position
And the only person left is the woman in my visions
I saw the future and I looked over her shoulder
Finally got a peek at what she’s holding
But I had to get up off the ground to get golden
So a brother migrated west and my wings unfolded

When your head gets low taking the long road
When your shoes get holes chasing a fools gold
When you lose everything you can’t hold
What’s left? That’s soul. That’s soul.
Hard days long nights get cold
Live life real stripes get those
Hustle through the pain, a struggle to behold
Never fold greatest story ever told about Soul

About to make moves in the city by the setting sun
Planned to be a lot of things being hungry wasn’t one
If not for the glory why come?
I gave myself a year to make some noise and I did in under one
Trying to stack funds you think I’m living good?
Placement on a major show still sleeping on the floor in Hollywood?
All In was the slogan they understood
Now they want to know if I’m ‘a fold because they probably would
No likelihood very little merit
I was strengthened by pain every scar I cherish
Struggle I share it heavy crown I wear it
The world could never keep me down, though my shoulders do bear it
And I will inherit however I’m never meek
Schemers never need a dream you wonder why I rarely sleep
Full force my collision course with destiny
I hit the peddle full speed and promised I would never blink


On the sideline waiting for my introduction
No bluff giving up no discussion
One fear and it wasn’t my destruction
I was terrified of being everything and having nothing
So I was chasing lady luck until I caught her
And I gave my all to everything I was a part of
Sacrificed time but didn’t want to be a martyr
Mind got smarter so I came back harder
Yeah I had them days I was tired
And thought I would expire but the devil is a liar
So Lucky will be gone before I’ll ever be retired
But I promise to continue making music only when I am inspired
My entire future was grim
Until I took it up higher threw caution to the wind
Fly high, breathe in
When the last breath leaves I won’t fall even then

Track Name: Let 'Em Know
Back when I was worried about what I had to work with
I heard a voice say Lucky get your mind off of broke shit
Get focused, get some go get
That’s the only way to blow I said well no shit
I had a slow dip trying to keep my whole grip
After a couple tragedies gradually I saw it slip
I sunk a little bit trying to drown it in a fifth
Water underneath the bridge leave it in the past tense
See I was worried because I didn’t know where my path went
But if I didn’t struggle I could never have this
Peace of mind to help me wash away the madness
And flow with a confidence that I ain’t never had since
Back in 99, feet on the recliner now
Left Carolina but I’m back and feeling finer now
Winking at the sunrays that’s Summer smiling now
Happy that I’m coming up with no intent of climbing down
Did I need my team though? Fam that was kind of how
Feeding off the energy they give me when they crowd around
The young black miracle, oh so lyrical
Flow with the soul of a negro spiritual
South in my blood the legacy of the sorrow songs
With a little more from the melody that I borrowed from
A couple years ago I was fearful of what I might become
Because I didn’t know but now I’m hoping tomorrow comes
Because when tomorrow comes, we begin forever
I’m looking forward to that future we’re gonna share together
And everybody that was down I’m ‘a tell them
Leave my flowers to the living so they get a chance to smell them
Let ‘em know

Yes I love y’all yes I love y’all
It feels good
And that’s a wonderful thing, say it’s a wonderful thing
Yes I love y’all, yes I love y’all
It feels good
It’s so wonderful don’t you agree

Thinking way back when I examine the case
I wasn’t trying to leave the world but wasn’t fighting to stay
Self hate just wasting away
Ask Will y’all I used to drink a fifth of Castillo a day for real
My attempt at concealing the way I felt about it
It hurt inside but I reckon I never wept about it
But holding back hurt worse I finally recognized it
So I had to find a new method to try to reconcile it
I gathered up what’s left to fill the missing piece
I held the memories close and kept the energy
I quit neglecting my health, stopped abusing me
And stated taking care of myself because they were using me
And I refuse to be broken we got to break through
A movement my duty’s to be a vehicle
So now I got to arrive and they can see it too
Looking through my eyes that gives me the strength to see it through
And that’s what I’m ‘a do. My people helped me grow
Ite beautiful I love them and I’m ‘a let them know
Queen City represent Mt Holly Greenville
Gashouse Chucktown all the way to Chapel Hill
On the west coast I got family that supports me
I got folks on Crenshaw that’ll cook a meal for me
Big shoutout to my mama G dub and Jai Honey
Willy Bo, TKO and don’t forget my E Money
Let’ em know.

Track Name: Forever Shine
So we still rock diamonds to prove we on
When the rebels waged war in Sierra Leonne
Kidnapping little kids what a goddamned shame
That you could find the same diamonds in the platinum chain
Around the neck of the African American man who got fame
Now the ice bezzle spelling his name
Caught him slipping at the club and that boy got slain
Here and Africa we died for the very same thing
Can you imagine. Cecil Rhodes was a bastard
Visionary my ass. He used to terrorize the native masses
He’s probably laying in his grave laughing he raped Africa
Now blacks can’t give his family money faster
We have to think about the natives way back when
He disenfranchised exploited and massacred them
Just to get his hands on that gem, it’s been the same since then
Diamonds are a murderers best friend

Can’t tell us nothing we shining
Straight from the shore to the store and we buy them
Told us there were no more wars but they lying
This is for the ones that put the die in diamond
Shine when the light and that stone connect together
Just shine in the sun and the rain or any weather
The pain is forever, the stain is forever
The blame is forever I’ll forgive you never
Just shine

They say the girls start smiling when they see the rock shining
But have they heard of Revolutionary United
Rebels on the shore where the blood stayed running
Because the world loves diamonds and a war costs money
Guerillas need funds for the guns so they keep
People digging through the creeks until they’re armed to the teeth
They’ll even take a limb because the greed’s so deep
It’s a high cost to pay but the weapons ain’t cheap
They want the money from the jewel you’re seeking
You want it just to show your woman that you mean it
You ain’t kill for it but you put it on her finger
So you’re partners in the game it’s a marriage of convenience
Because before you got down to propose
Somebody knelt down in the muddy brown soil
They didn’t get a fair wage from their employer
Just a penny for their troubles and a body full of sores
Now it’s yours


Before it was a symbol of love it had appeal
Ancient Hindus said it had the power to heal
Now it represents blood and the power to kill
See the marketing is fake but the suffering’s real
Let me tell you what the conflict be
When a diamond gets cut you can’t determine if it’s conflict free
And the Kimberly process still got holes
Because I can smuggle mine over from the Ivory Coast
Then that blood free certificate may not be true
That’s if you care to verify and I hope you do
And there’s some Africans that hope so too
Because if you don’ t they could end up in a grave that’s as shallow as you
Forever shine