Soul of Summer Vol. 1

by The BraneTrust

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Music inspired by the motion picture "No Le Di Gus"


released September 21, 2016

Written and produced by The BraneTrust


all rights reserved



The BraneTrust Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Places

Intro (Dejuan)
A man's initial and primary home is his mind
This is the virtual world he lives in as he terraforms his physical place to resemble it
This projection can be the keys to freedom
Or an absolute prison that evily adapts to retain the inmate
The world then can be a sort of holodeck
That we properly or improperly operate
What happens when we find ourselves being the subject
Rather than the subjector
When in Rome do as the Romans do
And when in hell do as the demons do.

1st verse
Gradually the cheers start getting softer
Now you hear the fears when they start to haunt you
Over years people said you had so much to offer
But never did one thing long enough to prosper
Now you wonder what's the purpose
Your worth is less appealing when that point of view reverses
Your floor looks like the ceiling plus it's peeling
And the cracks are all around
But if you're all alone when that wall is falling down does it make a sound?
They say the edge is only scary if you're scared to step
Well I ain't scared to see, at least that's what I told myself
Everything and nothing less, diving into nothingness
Choking while I'm taking breaths
Drowning when there's nothing left
Catching wind crawling from an ocean I can't recommend
Because you might not make it back
Buy I'm know I'm going in...again
To that Place

Hook (Dejuan)
When our initial environment is invaded by danger And fear.
By concrete reality.
Do we behave like the endangered?
Or do we mimic the danger.

Verse 2
Feet dragging through the gravel I was passing by the Chapel
Holding on by a thread after everything unraveled
They say you're a step ahead when I'm walking on my travels
So an answer I expect, unless I'm following my shadow
So I'm asking for a start. Could you ever be offended?
Is it possible to hate what is created in your image?
And why do you get the credit, when you know you can prevent it?
And I'm speaking from the heart. So how could I repent it if I meant it?
And is any type of challenge worth the balance of another fate?
Knowing that it's full of grace but you never see the face…
In that Place

Hook (Dejuan Dante)
Do we supply an equal counter response?
Isn't this how we survive?
How we conquer what has been imposed upon us.

3rd verse
Last fall I grabbed a seat and reminisced about it all
Crack a beer in agitation
Because opinions got involved, I recalled a confrontation
I was bracing from a light snub in a dimly lit club
They said I didn't have it when they didn't know what “it” was
But it was enough to get to get my shit up
Cursing at the top of my Corona “I don't give a fuck”
Then I saw her tip up, whispered while I sipped up
Dropping wisdom blending with that rhythm while it switched up
“What about the feelings and the spirits that you lift up?
If you can't see that value you should give your gift up.”
She finished up her vent
She got herself together on her merry way she went
She was gone but the wise words lingered with her scent
And for the next 6 months that was the best 20 dollars that I spent
In that Place

Outro (Dejuan)
Every man has an unspoken obligation to their pain
To gain the rights of a beast he submits to suffering
Or suffers the squalor of a coward
So we are daring as a precondition for living
Track Name: MUMM (Still Summer)
MUMM (Still Summer)

Hook (Ozy Reigns)
I done made up my mind
Move I wanna move.
Why can't you?

Verse 1
Mind heavy I was weighing my decision
Couldn't show it on the surface for that purpose I was driven
All the prayer wasn't hurting but the work is my religion
Somethings missing I can feel it in the rhythm
Think back reminiscing all the dues and the interest
Every right and every wrong all the triumphs and the misses
Every time that I was slipping because I couldn't tell the difference
Something whispered in my ear and I could hear it like…
I felt that winter wind blow
I remember in December fingers numbing from the cold
Whole world looked froze I was waiting on the glow
From a little bit of sun, just enough to melt the snow
On line I was trying to get inside
But the shelter was declined that made it harder by design
But that wouldn't stop the grind and I shouldn't waste the time
When they couldn't make it rain nor shine
I'm making up my mind

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)

Verse 2
Bad forecast from the shore they were bringing forth
I ignored the warning from the chorus I'm a stay the course
Because everything that you absorb you will bring aboard
All I packed is peace of mind and losing that I can't afford
But I believe a fine wine never spoils
And I was told a watched pot never boils
So when you're anxious, patiently you must approach
It's torture while you're waiting but it's ready when you need it most
And I could feel it in the breeze
Saw the trees being painted with a different shade of green
Same place old seeds, new arrival every spring
But I wondered how when everything was falling like the leaves
I felt the sun on my face when I was waking up
Knowing I would never break if I could take enough
Frustrated with the time I was taking up
But never got resigned it's my mind that I was making up

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)

Verse 3
Rainfall grass getting long, we were getting strong
As the days were going by a couple folks were hanging on
Waiting for the fair weather it was never long
By the time it came around a couple more had come and gone
Wasn't beauty it's the view that inspired them
What's the beauty of it if you can't provide it then?
And what was not on the horizon was surprising them
None of them could see that it was us that it was hiding in
And it would never be the same
Autumn fell into the winter we were ready for a change
Spring brought showers so we washed away the pain
And we never missed the sun it was shining in our veins
It gave me strength enough for music when I wasn't fine
And gave me energy to use it when it wasn't mine
And I ain't lying it was hard every time
But it'd be harder if I couldn't make it rhyme
I'm making up my mind

Hook repeat (Ozy Reigns)
Track Name: Nancy

Verse 1
It happened out the blue, lady whispered in my ear
Speak of ghosts and watch them reappear imagine meeting you here
Across the line because a month ago you crossed my mind
No surprise you look the same
I figured time would treat you kind
But are you doing fine? Do you ever pause
And recollect on how we met back in our junior fall?
Or possibly that second spring I don't recall
But these days are you happily alone or did you stay involved?
She said she was holding out for someone worthy
But she grew with paranoia once she started nearing thirty
So she briefly got engaged to a man that's undeserving
Now she's married to ambition so it's no longer a hurry
And plus, she said “brothers only want to conquer,
They rarely have a use unless they are a sponsor”
I warned her it's bad karma to expect the worst from everyone
She told me “you should know, you're the person that I learned it from”


Verse 2
Well see a lot has changed, I'm in a better place
I used to play but now I motivate and do whatever it takes
I caught a couple breaks suffered through a few mistakes
Made some moves even burned a bridge or two but anyway….
So did you play it safe, with the career you chose?
And the decisions that you made are you content with those?
Don't mean to pry but I'm excited I suppose
To see the woman that I met is still that girl I used to know
She said she was good to go, then she mentioned
That she read something about me in an article of interest
About someone that passed away and another being sicker
Because she lost some people too, so that struggle was familiar
She said to this day she often “cried the whole night.
But for you I know that music is what feelings sound like
So if you gave me advice I know I would benefit
But if it's not inside a song I doubt you'd probably ever offer it.”


“Are you still in pain, did you struggle hard?
Did it ever really heal or do you hide the scars?
Was it never really strong or simply fell apart?
Tell me did you slowly lose the faith, do you believe in God?”
I told her troubles can be worse than you expect
It happens to the best that makes it harder to accept
But life is difficult I know I need help
And that's why I still pray, even if I'm only talking to myself
I guess I learned it's part of life for us to wrestle demons
But there's a better Wolf inside us if we choose to feed him
“Well there's a power to your words I hope that you believe them.
And since you have the people's ear I pray you don't mislead them.”
I told her knowledge by itself could lead to ruin
But before I planted seeds I accepted that influence
Destiny is not for choosing, I'm here to find the truth
She said “by the time you do, I'm hoping you don't find yourself alone too.”

Track Name: BabyGirl (No Le Di Gus)
BabyGirl (No Le Di Gus)

All you had to do is stay and for nothing you would need
For that privilege you pay and the price is never cheap
Now you're forced to turn the page on an old familiar scene
Is it freedom or a cage, maybe something in between
Wondering if he would keep the light but dim the fire
Though drive and independence were the traits that he admired
He offered piece of mind, a kind you don't desire
Instead you would decline knowing time's the only thing that he requires, still…
It never feels as noble as he makes it seem
Even if it's really that a strings attached to everything
For every ring a scar, another feather torn out of your wings
Because being grounded that's not who you are
But what is right is always a debate
And in your heart you know what doesn't bend can only break
But you'll create a space by any method and defend it when it's reckless
Because if home is in your head, it don't matter where you rest it…
And I respect it.

Hook (Anthony Hamilton)
BabyGirl this is for you
BabyGirl this love is for you (2x)

Verse 2
If you go through it life would take a very new direction
Decision to be made coming to an intersection
Dazed at the vision staring back in that reflection
Every single drop of pain was contained in that expression
Lesson wasn't learned, you've been reminded
Of his many indiscretions he tries to hide them
He won't give you dedication but he offers blindness
So will you walk away or stick around and be the victim of his kindness
Because truthfully the truth is inconvenient
At least he cares enough to be deceiving
The fact you know it's better for your health if you concede it
Has you questioning yourself asking is it still a lie if you believe it?
Yes. But all that fear has left you brittle
And all your tears are gone because you left them on the pillow
Now you're all alone, left to make a choice that's never simple
While you're thinking about the future and you're staring out that window just remember.

Hook (Anthony Hamilton)
BabyGirl this is for you
BabyGirl this love is for you
BabyGirl this is for you
Don't ever give up
Things are getting better now
Track Name: Soul of Summer
Soul of Summer pt.1

Dedicated everyday trying to keep a flame
Inside but the happiness had burned away
Nothing left but the pain
When I realized it I could barely say your name I was so ashamed
For so long, narrowly avoiding crisis
But holding on, so many sacrifices
Out of love meant for me to honor back
But if I internalize it wrong I would squander that
Thankful for the vision that was sent to me
It's magical the power you can summon from a memory
When it's weighing on your mind then you toil with it
If you want to harness it you gotta bring the joy with it
People are so deceived
They say they value time but they dream of where they'd rather be
I value mine all I think about is legacy
With no fear today is still the youngest I will ever be
And if I do it right I'll never have to make amends
For a step up any ladder that I might ascend
Because back then, a wise man said
Don't blend don’t pretend, make it yours, then you'll make it in
It started with a seed riding to the A
We began an odyssey that you would not complete
But a few of us believed
And in the process we provided motivation that a few would need
And yeah we wanted something more dramatic
But the result would never render it invalid
Dog says it helps him overcome his challenge
For that simple fact alone a taste of bitterness would never stain my palette
And I could never waste a minute if I'm improving
I imagine you approve and it's so soothing
Worn down to the groove but we kept moving
New songs new youngins and a new movie
And I keep it in my heart if it ever gets dark
When I'm sitting in the room and I work alone
Everybody's gone but I'm trying to make it spark
They wonder how I kept it disciplined for so long
Because I remember College Park you would lock me in the house and say I couldn't come out
Until I wrote a song…

Oooh so long We walked that road
We walked that road
And it's one thing I need
for you to know to know
Anytime I wonder how
I can't find which way to go
When I focus on that smile
Then I know then I know
Trying to overcome the days
When I'm moving way too slow
When it works I'm so amazed
Cause I know that's Summer's soul

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